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1. 课程满意度:根据最新NSS全国学生调查对毕业生进行的调查得出评分。
2. 教学质量满意度:同上
3. 反馈评估质量:同上
4. 师生比
5. 大学在学生身上的人均投入(不含老师工资)
6. 录取标准:
录取学生的 Ucas 成绩
7. 附加分(入学要求和最后获得学位间的对比)
8. 毕业6个月内的就业率(含读研)
9. 可持续比例



A level:AAB

Biology BSc (Hons)
GCE A-Levels
AAB, including Biology (or Human Biology) and one other science from the following:
GCSE (B or above) in English, English Language or English Literature, and one GCE A-Level from the following:
Computer Science or equivalent

A level:A*AA

Biomedical Sciences
A-levels: A*AA excluding Critical Thinking and General Studies. Candidates are required to have two of their A-levels from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. If a practical component forms part of any science A-levels taken, we expect candidates to have taken it and passed.
If not taken on to a higher level (A-level or equivalent), all candidates will need to show that they have received a basic education (achieving at least a grade C/4 at GCSE, Intermediate 2 or Standard grade (Credit) or equivalent) in Biology, Chemistry, Physics (GCSE Dual Award Combined Sciences or equivalent is also acceptable) and Mathematics. Please see www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/study/bms for further details.

All candidates must also take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) as part of their application. Please see how to apply for further details.

A Level: A*A*A

Natural Sciences
Typical offers require

A Level: A*A*A
Course requirements

Please note that in the following 'science/mathematics subjects' refers to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. It does not include Psychology.

Required by all Colleges: A Levels/IB Higher Levels in at least two science/mathematics, see also the Part IA paper descriptions for specific subject requirements for the Year 1 options
Required by some Colleges: AS or A Level/IB Standard or Higher Level in a third science/mathematics subject and/or particular subjects (see individual College websites for details)
If you don’t have A Level Mathematics, you’re required to complete some preparatory work before the start of the course and must take Mathematical Biology as your mathematics subject in Year 1.

A Levels
Most students have at least three science/mathematics A Levels. The minimum requirement is two, but this will restrict your choice of Part IA options. In these circumstances, you'll normally be expected to achieve A* in both of the science/mathematics subjects and encouraged to take an additional science/mathematics AS Level. The more useful combinations are:

A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, and AS Level Mathematics or Physics
A Level Chemistry, A Level Mathematics, and AS Level Biology or Physics
A Level Physics, A Level Mathematics and AS Level Further Mathematics

Admission assessment
All applicants are required to take the pre-interview written assessment for Natural Sciences at an authorised centre local to them (for a lot of applicants, this will be their school/college).

A Level:AAA

Biomedical Science (MBio)
Entry Requirements
A level: AAA, including Biology or AAB including Biology and a second science (such as Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Applied Science, Environmental Science, Statistics, Geology).

You must also achieve a pass in the science practical assessment (if applicable).

A Level:BCC

Biology - BSc (Hons)
A level
Grades BCC to include one science subject from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Nutrition and Food Science, PE, Geography, Environmental Technology/Science. Chemistry or Biology is preferred.

Applied Science Double Award also acceptable.

Provided the subject requirements are met you can substitute a combination of alternative qualifications recognised by the University for one of the A level grades.

Candidates must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements for admission to a first degree course and hold a GCSE pass in English Language at grade C/grade 4 or above (or equivalent). Also, candidates must hold a GCSE pass in Maths at grade C/grade 4 or above (or equivalent) and GCSE Double Award Science (or equivalent) at grades CC is also required.

Please note that for purposes of entry to this course the Level 2 Essential / Key Skill in Application of Number is NOT regarded as an acceptable alternative to GCSE Maths.


BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
A levels
A typical offer would be AAA/AAB including Biology and Chemistry or AAA/AAB including Biology and either Maths or Physics, and B in AS Chemistry. We exclude General Studies from our offers.

You will need Biology at A2 and Chemistry to at least AS. Preference will be given to applicants with Chemistry A2 but if you only have Chemistry AS, a second science to A2 is required, preferably Maths or Physics.

A Level:ABB (minimum) - AAB (typical)

Biological Sciences
GCE A-Level
Level 1 Entry
ABB (minimum) - AAB (typical) including A-Level biology and chemistry, plus GCSE mathematics at C / 4
Advanced Entry to Level 2
ABB (minimum) - AAB (typical) including A-Level biology and chemistry, plus GCSE mathematics at C / 4

A Level:AAA

Biosciences MBiol
Typical Offers A Level AAA
Subject requirements, level and grade
In addition to satisfying the University’s general entry requirements, please note:

We welcome applications from those with other qualifications equivalent to our standard entry requirements and from mature students with non-standard qualifications or who may have had a break in their study. Please contact our Admissions Selectors
Biology or Chemistry or Human Biology at A-level or equivalent, plus another science subject at A-level or equivalent is required. Psychology, Maths and Geography are all considered sciences for the purposes of admissions. Although PE is accepted as a third A-level, it is not a science for the purpose of admissions
There is no advantage in applying for both MBiol and BSc degrees; students can seek to transfer between these degrees at the end of level 2
Continuation on the MBiol degree programme after level 2 is dependent on achieving satisfactory performance at level 2, according to University regulations; failure to achieve this standard will result in an automatic transfer to a three year BSc programme
We do not accept two AS-levels in place of one A-level
We do not include General Studies or Critical Thinking as part of our offer
Typical IB score 37 to include 666 in higher level subjects. Higher level grade 6 Biology or Chemistry and another science Higher Level subject are required
We will be reviewing our entry requirements for 2017 entry in the summer of 2016 and will publish finalised entry requirements for 2017 entry before 1 September 2016
If you do not satisfy our general entry requirements, the Foundation Centre offers multidisciplinary degrees to prepare you for a range of specified degree courses.
We are pleased to consider applications for deferred entry.
Science A-levels
Applicants taking Science A-levels that include a practical component will be required to take and pass this as a condition of entry. This applies only to applicants sitting A-levels with an English examination board.

A Level:BBB

BBB from 3 A levels, or equivalent, to include Biology plus one other pure Science subject or Mathematics. For A levels which include a separate science practical component, a pass is desirable and may strengthen an application.

GCSE subjects and grades required:
5 GCSEs at grade C or above to include English, Mathematics and either Chemistry (if not taken to A level standard) or Double Science/5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above to include English, Mathematics and either Chemistry (if not taken to A level standard) or Double Science.

A Level:ABB

Biological Sciences BSc (Hons) – 2019 entry
Overall: ABB.

Required subjects: Biology or Chemistry and a second science or Mathematics. Applicants taking the Science Practical Endorsement are required to pass.

Please note: A-level General Studies and A-level Critical Thinking are not accepted.

GCSE or equivalent: English Language and Mathematics at Grade C(4) (or equivalent). Applicants must have achieved these grades at the time of making their application.









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